This is the hyperlink seen inside the contents of a web page leading to other specific pages of a website in order to generate more traffic to that website.

This refers to when Google removes a website or webpage from its search results. This may be permanent or temporary, depending on the circumstances. Websites may be de-indexed due to punishment for violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

A google tool that ignores low-quality and spammy inbound links that you have made and cannot remove for specific reasons from being considered by their system.

Do-Follow is an attribute that allows the links found on a specific website to follow the Link Juice, which lets the users access external websites by clicking on a hyperlink. Do-Follow is the default setting of a website, meaning that there is no need for development teams to input this attribute in order for it to work.

Domain Authority, abbreviated as DA, is the overall “strength” of a whole domain. This means that the higher the DA is, the more trustworthy and credible the website. Examples of websites that have a high DA are websites that are mandated by the government (.gov domain) and educational (.edu domain) institutions. Additionally, the Moz extension is often used as a tool to measure a website’s DA.

This refers to content on one webpage that matches or is very similar to content on another webpage. This may be evidence of plagiarism or black hat SEO. Duplicate content is usually redirected to a canonical page or deleted altogether.

This is one of the site metrics used to evaluate traffic on a website. Dwell Time records and measures how much time a visitor spends on a certain webpage before going back to the Search Engine Results Page. The length of Dwell Time indicates how much content the visitor has consumed or read on the page before moving on to another page or going back to the SERPs.

It is the term for characters, symbols, and information related to the operations and processes of a computer; also information stored and transmitted as electrical signals.

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