Frequently Asked Questions Digital Marketing and Your Business

We’ve compiled and answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the digital marketing and web development industry, from what websites can do for businesses to how effective SEO packages can benefit your brand. And if your inquiry does not fall on any of the given below, feel free to let us know and we'll be more than willing to assist you.

Digital marketing is basically any form of marketing or advertising through digital means. Nowadays, the most progressive medium for that is the internet, so it’s now usually being done online through social media, websites, and online listings.

In short, it gives your business more reach and exposure in a shorter period of time. Most people now use their gadgets to go to the internet to search for their needs. And they can find and reach you much easier if your business can be easily discovered online. Because of that, it’s a great advantage against your competitors when your business has effective digital marketing.

Your website is your own unique place on the internet. Consider it as a digital form of your store where you can display what your business, products, and services are all about to your potential customers. If you have other means for people to discover you such as social media accounts and listings, it’s a great practice to guide and gather them to your own platform so you can build your brand’s authority and popularity online.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It pertains to all processes that help your business become more visible and discoverable across the internet, especially on search engines such as Google. Without SEO, there’s a high chance that your target customers won’t be able to find you, especially since most of your competitors online also have their own SEO strategies that help them secure their own spot on the search results page, which understandably has a limited space.

Content marketing means sharing materials online such as posts, blogs, photos, and videos that are relevant to your business in order to improve your exposure online and build up your target customers’ interest in your products or services. While they have their differences, content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand and share the same goals. After all, one of the key strategies to let your customers know about your business is to share relevant and informative content.

A business is only as good as the content they have in their shop. Naturally, visitors want to learn what the business is about and what they provide. If the content isn’t relevant, confusing, or if there’s not enough information for a visitor to learn what the website is all about, they’ll leave. In turn, Google will not recommend the site the next time someone looks for a service and so, it goes down the results page. If the content is highly informative and relevant to what they’re searching for, not only will they engage with the website, but they may even convert to a client. And because Google sees that the site has credible content, it will likely place it at a higher position on its results page.

SEO is focused on building and enhancing your website through all sorts of strategies so your website can gain more exposure “organically” or on its own without having to rely on paid ads; SEM or “Search Engine Marketing” is a broader field that tackles both organic and paid strategies to help your business become more visible on search engines and other online platforms.

SERP stands for “Search Engine Results Page”. It pertains to the page that shows up after you make a search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines where you can find answers to the query you made.

There are a ton of factors that affect rankings, from your website’s on-page setup to constant Google updates to your competitors’ efforts in boosting their own SEO. This is why constant maintenance and monitoring is necessary, as there could always be significant changes in your status at any moment. This is also why rankings fluctuate all the time, which is completely normal.

You may have the best SEO strategy set in place but if your website’s design does not appeal to those who visit, the tendency is that they won't trust your site enough and abruptly leave to look for a different service provider. Much like how a physical business should appeal and make potential customers feel comfortable when they visit the shop, an online business should also prioritize aiming for the same concept.

A keyword is a word or a set of words that express the main topic of your content. At the same time, keywords also pertain to the words that people use when making a search on Google or other search engines.

A Google My Business listing or GMB listing is a panel that shows up on top of Google's search results page. Also known as the local pack, it provides searchers with resident services providers located in the vicinity of their area. What makes GMB listings unique from the regular search results is that it conveniently contains all the necessary details of a local service provider including offers, promos, reviews, and contact details. It’s also worth noting that GMB listings are independent from website SEO and would also need a campaign to make it rank on the local pack.

The landing page is wherever an internet user arrives after clicking a link, whether that link is in an email, on the SERP, on social media posts, or other similar places online. Landing pages are designed to encourage visitors to explore and interact with the website more, with the ultimate goal of converting visitors into customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Virtual Solutions

We’ve compiled the most common questions people have about our company, digital marketing and web development, and what these can do for their business.

Having your own website expands your business online and gives you the leverage needed to target a definitive audience for your respective industry with just a click or a screen tap. And let’s be honest, no one really looks at the yellow pages of phone books to look for a service they need.

The price of digital marketing these days vary from company to company. Our plans and packages are regarded to have among the industry's most competitive prices without compromising quality. View our Pricing page for more details.

All our packages include the essentials to get your online platform going: custom design development, UNLIMITED programming revisions, SEO setup, security, and customer service. For even better solutions, head to our SUPPORT page.

Maintenance is crucial to any online platform. It ensures that programs and applications remain functional and optimal at all times. And while we do encourage our clients to coordinate with us regarding their site, we handle the maintenance work for them. This includes anywhere from site integrity monitoring to error fixes and cleanups.

Custom Virtual Solutions is a leading company in digital marketing and web development in the United States, providing services such as custom graphic and web designing, call center services, and SEO. Our staff are all experienced professionals in their fields, ensuring that each output meets the most up-to-date standards of the industry.

No, Custom Virtual Solutions provides online marketing strategies and web development solutions to ALL kinds of companies. The internet is the most progressive platform for business, and everyone, small and large scale companies, deserves equal opportunities to excel.

We believe that reputation goes a long way, especially when they're based from our existing clients' opinions and first-hand experiences. You can also check the live websites that we have worked on to see our work's quality for yourself. Read our client testimonials, or check our Featured Clients.

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