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Your clients expect only the best from your business. Going beyond the storefront, products, and services, and dealing with seamless support that traditional chat and email systems cannot meet solely. Respond to what your clients need in real-time, through a team of highly trained customer service representatives and virtual assistants that effortlessly combine both human expertise and technological advancements.

Inbound & Outbound Has Never Been This Seamless

Custom Virtual Solutions is a business service provider specializing in today’s growing business processing industry. With years of BPO and outsourcing experience, we’ve helped countless brands across Houston and the entire state of Texas realize their goals, and maintain a level of standard for their business without heavy costs.

24/7 Availability for inbound and outbound solutions.
Practical and relatable customer service experience.
Cost-effective solutions. Increased customer satisfaction.

Outsource In The Philippines. Catapult Your Business.

Our Team May Not Be In Houston. But Our Values Remain Steadfast.

The Philippines is ranked among the top 20 countries with the highest English proficiency index. And ranked 2nd in Asia. This figure alone makes the country an invaluable source for competitiveness in your line of business. But what separates our team from other Houston-based call center service companies is the level of rapport and degree of communication that defines what customer service is all about.

What makes Custom Virtual Solutions unique from the competition is the fact that we have both American and Filipino representatives working together on site and maintaining a degree of hospitality and professionalism that you and your clients deserve.

World-Class Call Center Services

And Top-Tier Web-Based Solutions

Partner with Houston’s leading Call Center & Outsourcing service provider. Custom Virtual Solutions offers world-class customer service at a fraction of the cost. We also offer web-based solutions for businesses across Houston, as well as the entire continental US. Choose from web design, SEO marketing, and full custom web development offers that will catapult your brand to new heights.

Other Services

Apart from top-tier Call Center and Outsourcing solutions, we also provide various services that are designed to help you and other business owners throughout the city of Houston take the first step in marketing your brand online. To check out our other services, feel free to click on the tiles provided below: