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4 Reasons Why Mobile Friendly Websites Dominate The Market

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Websites nowadays are no doubt one of the most prominent tools used for businesses. Not only does it expand a particular brand across today’s online spectrum, but gives them increased revenue and credibility. But one of the more pressing issues that some might still have doubts about, is whether to have a mobile friendly site.

This article aims to point out the rhetoric, through 4 key points, why you should have a mobile friendly website to effectively engage your market with your products and or services.

Enhanced User Experience

You might be familiar with the ever popular “customer experience” statement. Well, mobile friendly websites work for the same purpose.

User experience pertains to the reaction of an online visitor during and after engaging with a website. Similar to customer experience, if the user is inconvenienced with, say, navigation through the site, it increases the tendency to lose that user. Mobile friendly websites transform websites to an upright layout, with a different interface.

Responsive website designs (RWD) control the page to properly fit the display of a particular screen, scaling images and other elements as opposed to keeping a constant framework (effectively making navigation a lot more user friendly). As a result, users tend to stay on the site relatively longer, thus increasing the rate in which this user converts to a potential client for the business.

Convenience & Accessibility

Let’s face it, people are practically inseparable from their mobile devices. From Q&A inquiries to purchases, everything is accessible through their phone. Sure, there are people who still use their desktops, but according to an article by Perficient, almost 70% of people engage using their mobile devices. Why is this so? Well, it basically has to do with convenience and accessibility. Not many people have the convenience or time to login to their PCs and look for the answers they need, but they conveniently have their mobile devices in hand to do so.

With this shift in market trend, it’s absolutely non-negotiable for businesses with websites. With just a few taps on a screen, users can search for services anywhere, anytime. And if your website cannot adapt to various mobile devices, it potentially spells hundreds, if not thousands of missed revenue for the brand.

Cost Effectiveness

Before responsive website designs, website owners (and the team handling it) had to manually configure a web page and its independent source code just so it can fit various screen sizes. For the owner, it’s a major setback that can cost time and money, especially for an e-commerce site that has hundreds upon hundreds of products (pages). With the advent of RWD, it effectively cuts the arduous task of manually coding each web page as RWDs can easily adapt according to any and all screen sizes, with a centralized substance admin framework and source code.

Increased Sales

Enough of the tech jargon and get down to what really matters: sales. If you’ve reached this far down the article, you’re definitely taking mobile responsiveness seriously, and you should! As mentioned in point 1, most people use their mobile phones in their day to day lives, and it’s only going to go up from here. In point 2, we mentioned not having a mobile friendly site could spell missed revenue for the business. For these reasons alone, one could already determine that expanding to mobile through a mobile responsive site is a smart business move. By doing so, you are enabling the brand to capture a wider market base, and potentially increase sales faster and more conveniently. In summary, a mobile friendly website is a wise investment, and though this article only serves to reiterate the rhetoric, it highlights invaluable key points that every local business should consider nonetheless.

But while RWDs are designed to help your business grow, they’re not the only driving factor for an effective online brand. Custom Virtual Solutions offers responsive website designs, custom programming, and SEO marketing solutions personalized to fit your online needs. Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss your business further.

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