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SEO Marketing Our SEO Marketing Department will help you and your business become visible in the top search engines in no time.

Your website is useless if your clients can’t find it. And that’s why search engine optimization is a necessity for any business that wants to have an online presence.

SEO is a process where your website is fixed to follow the protocols of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is so that they can find your business easier, and in turn can show you to your clients when they search for your services. Without SEO, there would be no means of connecting your website with your customers.

Custom Virtual Solutions has a team of SEO experts that will make sure you’re connected to your customers and audience. Here’s the gist of what we do:

On-page Optimization

As the first line of business, on-page optimization refers to all the works and processes applied to setting up your website so that it becomes more search engine and user-friendly. We will set up your keywords, fix technical issues, and develop content among other tasks in order to achieve this.

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Content Writing

Your visitors need to find the information they’re looking for when they click on your website. Otherwise, they’ll just leave. That’s why a well-tailored content must be integrated to your site. At the same time, this is the means for search engines such as Google to understand what your business is actually about.

Off-page SEO

Your website needs to have links to other parts of the internet. Other than the fact that Google and other search engines base your credibility from how your links are dispersed, this is also the means for your target audience to find you.

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Blogging and Infographics

Creating blogs about your services and your industry, in general, will let everyone know more about your levels of expertise in the craft. Aside from that, this also helps different search engines detect and understand the nature of your business so they can connect you to internet users looking for your service more easily.

Customized Reports

You are constantly in the loop with all the progress made on your website. We will regularly send you customized reports to reveal its current status and collaborate with you for any further improvements that could be applied.

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Our SEO Packages

SEO is a perk you are entitled to by default when you choose any of Custom Virtual Solutions’s plans. But every business is unique. So, you deserve a customized set of tasks that will perfectly fit with the nature of your services.

Basic Plan – $29.95/month
SEO is all about connecting with your clients. If that’s the goal, then you can already kickstart your website’s progress with this plan. It includes the essential SEO process such as keyword integration, on-page optimization, as well as Google My Business and Facebook fan pages setup. And with that, you can rest easy knowing that people can find you.

Service Plan – $99.95/month
Enhance your experience further. You can monitor your website’s progress more closely with the inclusion of monthly reports, along with the essential SEO processes, that summarizes its status and the traffice patterns of its visitors.

Marketing Plan – $199.95/month 
Ensure a full experience when you choose our Best Value Package.  You’re sure to feel a change in your website’s traffic and popularity, as this plan has all of our SEO services — including content writing, off-page SEO, blog writing, and even social media posting.

Enterprise Plan – $299.95/month 
Here, the possibilities are basically endless. Because when services are UNLIMITED, then so are their payoffs. All hands are on deck with this package. So full customization of your services is a sure cinch. You can reach out even to the farthest of your audiences when anything is possible.

The Advanced SEO Package

Be smart with your investments. Gain access to the game-changing SEO, ON TOP of the services already included in your website plans. Accelerate your business’ growth and get more leads through our advanced SEO packages engineered for you and your market. Increase your website’s authority, visibility, and reputation online. With the packages that are right for your budget. And perfect for your business.

Package A

  • Auto-responder Composition
  • Articles and Press Releases
  • Optimization
  • Content Analysis
  • Site Analysis and Recommendation
  • Content Status Identification Report

Package B

Inclusive of Package A +

  • Email Marketing/Outreach
  • Google Analytics Goal Set-up
  • Structured Data
  • Newsletter
  • Review Response
  • Interview Blogs
  • Trend Research
  • Facebook Pixel Report
  • Integrated SEO Data Interpretation

Package C

Inclusive of Package B +

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Wikipedia Article Development
  • Forum Participations
  • Schema Star Rating (for E-commerce)
  • Buyer Persona Identification
  • In-depth SEO Data interpretation.

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