Also referred to as Keyphrase, a keyword is a phrase comprised of ideas or topics that match a website’s services. These are integrated into a webpage which allows search engines to crawl these pages whenever a user enters a query. There are two types of keywords, namely:
  • Short-tail: Short-tail keywords are phrases that are made up of 1 to 3 keywords. Short-tail keywords have higher competition but yield a lower conversion rate. An example of this is bathroom remodeling.
  • Long-tail: Long-tail keywords are phrases or short sentences that are made up of 4 or more words. Long-tail keywords have lower competition but yield a higher conversion rate. An example of this is bathroom remodeling services in Atlanta, GA.

It occurs when multiple pages on a website have the same integrated keyword. This results in a decreased rate of rankings for the site as multiple pages are competing with each other for authority and or rank.

The number of keywords that are found on a content. It is an indicator of the frequency of a search term that appears in a text. Keyword density is also associated with spam. That is, the higher the keyword density, the more that a text is considered to be spammy.

Keyword Research refers to the process where development teams look for relevant topics and terms that are entered into search engines by users. This process is usually done to find the best keywords that can help a website garner a higher rank in search results. Development teams use a variety of tools, such as Google Keyword Planner and Rank Tracker, to help them find these ideas.

It is the process of incorporating keywords beyond what is considered natural to a certain site in the hopes of increasing its ranking. This process is already proven to be ineffective and can even lead the site’s ranking to decline.

A Google element that is utilized to provide information about people, places, news, and events along with various related information in the knowledge panel at the top of search results.

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