This status code indicates that the webpage being surfed has been moved permanently to a new URL. This code appears if the existing page has not been redirected to a new location dictated by the server or by the page code.

This status code indicates the resource requested has been temporarily moved to the URL given in the location header. A browser redirects to this page, but search engines don’t update their links and act as though the original page still exists. This is meant as a temporary redirect until the page code can be updated or edited.

This status code indicates a “bad request” that the server cannot or will not process. This may be due to bad page coding, faulty request routing, or general client errors. As this represents the complex relationships between the server, the browser, and the web client, this can be frustrating to fix.

This is among the most common status codes found. It simply means that the page was not found. This may be because the resource does not exist, or the server is not willing to disclose it. Many websites host their custom 404 pages to keep their design consistent with the rest of the pages.

This status code indicates that the resource is intentionally unavailable. Usually, this also means that website owners want to permanently remove all links to that source. Like the 404 page, websites may have their custom 410 page.

This file is found in the website directory. Its basic functionality is to redirect web pages. However, more complex .htaccess files can protect web pages with passwords, disable scripts, and prevent hot links for images.

This status code indicates that the server experienced a condition that keeps it from fulfilling the request. These can be frustrating to deal with, as the condition is almost never specified. It is important to note that the error is on the server side, so it’s never a problem with a user’s browser or scripts.

This is an HTTP status code noting that the webpage is accessible. The page accessed is visible on the browser, complete with the correct URL. This is the standard code for all functioning pages across the web.

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