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Our History

Custom Virtual Solutions started out as a small-scale web development company. It consisted of a modest group — hardly even a dozen — spearheaded by a dedicated owner who had a solid goal in making an impact to the industry.

Thanks to this founding team’s passion with their work, our company soon managed to snag the reputation and success of a leading company in the field of web development worldwide.

Now, over a decade later, the company has already grown more than enough to be able to cater to a much wider variety of services — from web designs and programming alone to hosting, search engine optimization, virtual assistance, tech support, and so much more.

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Rooted On the Workforce

Economies are built from the talent and hardship not only of CEOs and business tycoons, but also of skilled workers, freelancers, and small business owners. And the computer age’s advancement this decade means that there is a new platform for competition among everyone who wants to make a mark on the world.

That’s why we at Custom Virtual Solutions made it our mantra to work with all kinds of clients. We aim to give every individual and any company the opportunity to have their own presence online, no matter what field or industry they are from.

Goals and Philosophy

“Be the medium of economic and business growth for every individual, worldwide.”

When one is in the web development industry, one has to make sure that an output is truly functional in delivering its purpose. And so, we at Custom Virtual Solutions always make sure that we don’t just create websites; we create business. We build a space for our clients on the internet, and we make sure that they will be seen by the people they want to find them.

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Designed to Help

Helping business owners build presence online doesn’t stop once the website is up and running. We stick by our clients through thick and thin, giving them new ways to grow whenever we find the opportunity. As such, we also help them stay online by providing them with a comprehensive service that targets all aspects of what they want and need.

With over 10 years in web development, we have provided countless clients with well-optimized websites. And these websites enable each individual and each business to compete with other entities on a leveled playing field. After all, other than serving as just another marketing scheme for your business, websites can also reflect how professional you are in your industry. And making an impact on your customers is key.

Since most people use the internet to search for services that can help them, it is important that you make use of it. So, it is in our best interest to make your website not only as appealing but also as user-friendly as it is possible. We aim to make your websites convenient to all your demographics.

Custom Virtual Solutions Assurance

When you partner with Custom Virtual Solutions, your business will earn a vast publicity online through your website. And you won’t even have to make time for it in your busy schedule. After all, we understand that you’re already preoccupied making an honest living. So we‘ll handle it all for you. Experience progressive increase in both visibility and sales as we continually monitor and optimize your business’ platform on the internet.

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All these are what makes us at Custom Virtual Solutions who we are. These are what makes us your leading web development company. So elevate your business with us. You can reach us through our contact information below, and for more ways to connect, feel free to visit our Contact page.

Virtual success is at the palm of your hands. Partner with Custom Virtual Solutions and make it happen today.

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