The Logo Reels It In

What is the ultimate goal of logos? Logos are created to make an impression and impact on people. Whether good or bad, logos are created to make a statement with its graphic design. Businesses and promotions of course aim for a good impact. For this reason, conceptualizing and creating a logo should take a considerable amount of work in order to make full use of its capabilities. Graphic designers also struggle with logos. They carefully think of the business when creating logos for their clients. Still many people, graphic designers included, find it difficult to finally select one with the many possibilities from the imagination. To help, below are listed a few guiding points and criteria that a logo should at the very least be. Criteria 1. Simple. Complex logos can prove to be too complicated. It may serve the purpose of having an impact on people, but can they easily recognize it? People should quickly identify the business or company with one look at the logo. Criteria 2. Recognizable. As earlier mentioned, people should identify the logo and associate with the correct business. Keep in mind the logo should also be individually identifiable as the specific brand’s or business’ image. Take for example the logos of Facebook and Twitter. No matter the size, format, or color, everyone can recognize the logo as theirs. Criteria 3. Unique. A logo identifies the brand or business, right? Therefore, it should be unique and different from other logos to minimize the chance of misidentification. Criteria 4. Tone. Logos usually have no words in them and are mostly of a graphic nature. There are, however, some logos that have words or phrases in them for better branding. Nevertheless, the logo should create a certain tone and indicate the nature of the business or, at the very least, reflects it. Criteria 5. Transferability. Logos as said earlier are the initial “calling cards” of any business or brand. Therefore, should be designed in such a way that the logo can be readily recognizable in any medium it is placed on such as website, printing materials, e-mail lists and social media, and therefore it can be well incorporated by graphic designers in web design.

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