Is Search Engine Marketing Optimization Going To Die This 2014?

Let’s take a look at what 2014 has to offer for SEO. A group of people believes that SEO is going to die and that it’s inevitable. It might not be within a given period of time but is on its due course. They’re convinced it’s going to happen without a doubt. There are countless possibilities in making a site visible in the top SERPs (back links, social media, keywords and the like). Is SEO going to die? They don’t realize that SEO is beyond that. Someone should help them understand what Google is truly doing to search engine marketing optimization by bringing up Humming bird and other search algorithm adjustments made previously. There are 3 important things that anybody knows about SEO. They are: Content, Social Media Marketing, and Keywords. They’re the ones pushing a search engine marketing campaign. Google on the other hand is only clearing the dirt left behind by SEO. They are vanishing bit by bit. But now, times have changed as Google continues to better improve searchers. The ones with a better content, keyword, and social marketing are supposed to rank better. And that’s today’s SEO. Press Release will cease to exist this year. This part is surely going to find its way out and Google is determined devaluing it. You won’t find them anymore this year. And lastly, Content spinning will probably disappear this year. There’s no way you can duplicate content with minimal changes. Google is well aware of softwares that spin active contents. You need to make sure they’re 100% unique. When asked about whether SEO is going to die? Yes, to some portions. It doesn’t make any sense at all. The death-of-SEO part had no value. Google is leading the way in flushing out SEO. On the good side we could say it’s an ideal approach for both search engine marketing services and Google.

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