“If it wasn’t for my color blindness, I would have liked your website…probably”

It is a basic fact that color blindness affects a substantial amount of people. There are many studies that show just how much. One study shows that about 1 out of 10 people are color blind. Another says about 5% of any given population is color blind. No matter the statistics number, it is still a big group of people. Businesses who advertise via websites are missing out on reaching these people. That is a potentially big business they are missing out on. Websites usually have custom graphic designs that set them apart from other pages. It is the job of web development companies to make it as appealing as possible without it being too flashy. Appeal would naturally have a lot to do with color. That’s why designers play around with color apart from the format and style of the page. With this is in mind, it is not so difficult to think of the possibility of providing color accessibility to those who are not so fortunate to see every color in the spectrum. The guidelines are pretty much the same. Unfortunately, some believe that accessibility is directly related to being dull or boring and that a page has to be colored down for such a thing to happen. This is just not the case. Color blindness is the inability to see all colors. In other words, it means that only one specific color shade, whether it is the shade of red, yellow or blue, is what a color blinded person cannot distinguish. Designers can be challenged and can enjoy the themed color palette that they can work with while still accepting the real-world condition and apply a new strategy where everyone has the chance to appreciate the artistry of a webpage. This option of including a color accessible function in a website can be the new trend in web development. Again, the purpose of online advertising through websites is to reach people and market the items and services for business sake. More people means more business so why not include this in a new marketing strategy?

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