Evaluating Website Design: 5 Ways to Assess Its Quality

Because of the growing popularity and available opportunity that a local business in California can get from the online market, every business owner has definitely regarded website creation in San Jose, California. If you already own a website, have you ever pondered on what you have offered your valued clients recently? Although your website has already been up and running for quite a while now, it is like attending an important job interview with your pajamas on if it remains stagnant. This implies that you are not taking things seriously. So, if you do not want to show the same exact impression to your clients, you might want to look at rebranding your image by simply updating your website. In evaluating how good your web design is, here are some ways to help you pull this process off:

#1: Get Feedback from Close Friends

If you haven’t received a single positive remark about your website, ask your close friends on what their impressions are about its design. Maybe the design is not really that appealing. Consider their honest opinions in order to come up with a proper solution.

#2: Consider the Feedbacks from Focus Groups

Every business website owner is a marketer. Even though you’re a lawyer, a florist or an auto repair specialist, you need to market your corporate website. As you embrace the area of online marketing, you will need a focus group in almost every step of the way. Aside from your friends, ask your target group what they think of your website design. This is where you will get hints for your A/B testing.

#3: Brand Analysis

Throw yourself back in time when you first launched your website and achieved your most sought after graphics design. Analyze its evolution through time. If the design and content are not in line with your current business goals, it is imperative to immediately do a rebranding through your website design.

#4: Competitive Analysis

Contrary to popular belief, doing a competitive analysis is not that complicated. For example, if your business is about providing a limousine transportation service, check out the other companies that offer the same service in your area. If your website ranks higher, then expand your search analysis until you reach the state level. Doing a comprehensive competitive analysis also lets you know your advantage, as well as the industry standards in your niche.

#5: Functionality Analysis

Because of the fact that technology is constantly evolving, so are the tools and techniques in designing and developing websites. Therefore, to ensure that yours is functional even in today’s standards, better do a functionality analysis. If you need expert hands in evaluating and consequently updating your website, you can always run to professional agencies that provide on-point yet low cost web design in San Jose, CA.

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