Establish Your Online Presence in Memphis: Facebook vs. Own Website

So, you have decided to start establishing an online presence for your budding or flourishing business in Memphis, Tennessee. Your colleagues recommend that website creation in Memphis is your best option, while your teenage relative suggests establishing a Facebook page because it is free and can reach millions of users. What will you choose first? Of course, you are not the only one who experienced this predicament. As a matter of fact, both of these are really great options. However, you need to choose one that you will prioritize. This selection is crucial especially for start-up and small enterprises because their choice will somehow mold the path of your success in online marketing. Facebook Page Creating a Facebook page for your business is really easy and can be achieved in a jiffy. Signup, write, and then post! For a minute or two, your business is now accessible to millions of potential customers. Needless to say, Facebook and other social media platforms can provide your business an extra reach, promotion, and image building. In addition, these pages also allow you to establish customer engagement and interaction without costing a dime. Nevertheless, the best web development company in the city will surely suggest that business owners should consider having their own website to develop a long-term business strategy and loyal customers. Here’s why:  

Own Website

In reality, you have no full control and ownership over your Facebook page. Facebook can alter its policies, or lose their data, or go out of business, all at their own will. In addition, not all your target audience is on Facebook. For instance, female from 18 to 25 years old make up for majority of Facebook users in the United States. What if your business is about men’s apparel? What’s more is that, having a Facebook URL does not pitch professionalism the way a website URL does. Some consumers opt to buy more on businesses with their own website URL. Therefore, having your own website is significant on how your business will be perceived online. Although a Facebook page is free, setting up your own website is not that expensive as you think. Dozens of web hosting companies can provide professional yet affordable Memphis web development solutions. Take advantage of these offers because they are practically worth the investment. As soon as you have your own “,” together with a professional-looking website and email address, your business is on the right online presence path.

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