Essential Things to Know about the Recent Penguin Update

Before the advent of companies offering SEO Marketing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Google was already establishing itself as the leading search engine. For this reason, most search marketers nowadays are all ears whenever Google rolls out an update or refresh on their algorithm. To begin with, search engines operate by crawling and indexing the web. Because of the fact that searches are performed with the use of keywords, search engines then use these to extract their own results pages. Back then, other search engines just looked at content to determine their worthiness for ranking, while Google started utilizing links as another core metric. Of course, you probably know that a lot of people took advantage of this by yielding loads of low quality links with exact or matching anchor text. Consequently, to patch things up, Google started rolling out regular algorithm updates “Panda” and “Penguin” since 2012 to combat those who try to manipulate their search engine results pages.

Lessons Learned from Updates

Surely, majority of marketers have learned their lessons from both the Penguin and Panda updates. So, if you are targeting to succeed in online marketing, keep the following points in mind:
  • Beating Google in their Own Game is Nearly Impossible – You can fool Google for a moment by using the “old school” and black hat SEO tactics, but doing these shady schemes will surely not last. It is only a matter of time for Google to discover these tricks and would hammer your website with penalties big time. So if you want your campaign to last for the long run, keep in mind that tricking Google is not a viable option.
  • Inbound Marketing is a Must – Google is now focusing its updates on the users and making sure that they are finding the best content and brands in their results pages. Therefore, the best SEO strategy today is centered on establishing a strong and reliable presence on the web. You can prove yourself to both people and search engines that doing business with you is a good choice by creating a brand and content that they can depend on.How? Through inbound marketing tactics such as user-centered web design, content marketing, social media, lead nurturing, and great website messaging.
  • Adapt or Get Left Behind – Learn to adapt with the recent changes in the online marketing milieu. Subsequently, tweak your strategies along the way in order to remain competitive.
In case your website has received penalties from the recent Google update, you can always turn to professional companies that offer competent search engine optimization marketing in Las Vegas, NV!

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