Cyber Auctions: Real Time Bidding Like No Other!

Get ready to experience easy, fast and convenient “real time bidding” from Cyber Auctions – one of the first online auction platforms to utilize Realtime Technology from Internet Business Technologies that provides a real time bidding experience for clients who want to buy or sell items online!

Is this an Update to Web 3.0?

Considering the changes Custom Virtual Solutions did on the site, you can say that Cyber Auctions has moved towards a “Web 3.0 Platform,” which is likened to taking a great number of steps to further enhance the quality of services provided to their customers.

What Features Can You Expect from Cyber Auction’s Site?

#1: Real Time Bidding

Simply put, bidding customers no longer need to refresh any page to get the latest information or status of their bids and that of others. Once a bid has been made, you will automatically be updated or notified within milliseconds – it’s real-time! So, customers will get to experience a competitive bidding environment that simulates a live auction!

#2: Responsive Design

With a huge portion of online users utilizing mobile devices to search the Internet or do online transactions, Responsive Design, also known as “mobile-friendly design,” has become increasingly popular. With the purpose of accommodating even mobile bidders, Cyber Auctions has also updated its bidding platform into a responsive design. So, wherever, whenever and whatever device you are using, you can still join in the bidding and not miss out on any update.

#3: Personal Control Center (PCC) Made More Convenient

In any bidding process, you certainly want everything to be organized to ensure that you don’t overlook any detail. Through Silver Connect web Design, Cyber Auctions has made that possible for you. In your PCC, you will find the following:
  • Watchlist– In this section, you can add all the items that interest you so that you can bid on them without having to browse through the whole auction again. Your watchlist also allows you to monitor the status of an item in the upcoming or current auction.
  • Check Bids – This shows all the bids you made, subsequently allowing you to monitor your bids, including the time remaining before the close of an auction. This also allows you to use quick bids and adjust the maximum bid or ceiling price.
  • Invoice System: View and Pay Invoices, and Paid and Past Invoices– This is an automated invoicing system which computes the total amount of your invoice to be paid, which is shown to whoever wins the bid. Additionally, your bidding history – past invoices – can also be reviewed in this section, and the information is printable!
  • Questions and Answers –In the event that you have questions or problems regarding the auction, you can send your concerns to the consignor (seller) and the admin. As soon as they give you an answer, it will be shown in this page.
  • Others– Your PCC also includes other sections that make the entire process and experience easier: After Auction Bidding Results, Set Email Preferences, Change Password, and Account Information.

#4: Payment Made Easier

If you are the winning bidder, you will receive an e-mail asking you to pay your invoice at the close of an action. Payments can be made in person at the time of pickup, or online via their website with a Visa or Master Card. At Cyber Auctions, everything is made easier, faster and more convenient for clients. With these updates made possible through the services of Custom Virtual Solutions, you will surely have a remarkable real time bidding experience that no other online auction site can offer!  

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