Contemporary Digital Marketing: The Relationship between SEO and PR

For Arlington-based marketers, they see search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR) as completely different fields. Back then, each of these provided different opportunities, thus yielding different results. However today, digital marketers are seeing these two worlds become closer than ever before. For instance, they are both touching the areas of social media, advertisements, and creating marketing collateral in Arlington, Texas. This only strengthens the reality that they are starting to fall under a single umbrella. Of course, there is nothing new in knowing that SEO environment has changed, but if we are to look closely, both SEO and PR are now working hand in hand because these are practically eyeing for the same objectives. SEO is not a game of building links anymore. Gone are the days of SEO people building links on directories and submission sites, adding anchor texts on footers, and hiding content on certain web pages. Rather, today’s SEO is all about creating informative content that can actually help people, and earning the votes of confidence (quality links) from other reputable websites.

The Gradual Shift

Because of the above-mentioned trend, most of the tasks of search engine optimization experts in Arlington nowadays are centered on earning links by building relationships with influencers, thought leaders and key people in their industries. The “lone wolf” mentality will not work anymore because relationship building is now essential to survive. This is where PR comes into the mixture. With a sound strategy in building relationships, SEO practitioners can now provide their clients with a wide range of opportunities for PR stunts that can be carried out both offline and online.

Creating SEO and PR Opportunities

In general, there are four ways on how to create and maximize SEO and PR opportunities:
  • Content – Always mind the target audience when creating content. In this manner, the tone and pitch of all your content assets are directed to them. Also, make the content interactive and engaging.
  • Editorial Calendar – Creating a calendar where all your team members can see progress and development is beneficial to avoid confusions within the system. In this way, the whole process will be streamlined.
  • Link Reclamation – Your PR team can come up with a list of potential clients, but this list can truly serve its purpose when shared with your SEO team.
  • PR Stunts – You can come up with events, conferences, and the like to pull in coverage from reputable media outlets. Your PR and SEO teams should work hand-in-hand in spreading the word, as well as in generating hype for the event.
To increase your chance of succeeding, it is better to stay original, remain newsworthy, and not let any social media networking trends slip past under your nose.

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