5 Ways to Evaluate the Quality of Your Web Design

Of course, you have probably decided for a website creation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma because of the incessant growth of the online market. If you come to think of it, however, have you actually done anything for your customers lately? Even though your website has already been live for a couple of years, it is like going in a job interview with your ripped jeans on. Naturally, you know that wearing this kind of jeans for a job interview means that you are not taking it seriously. So, if you do not want to have the same impression from your valuable customers, you might want to consider a full rebranding campaign, or you can just have a website update. Provided below are five ways to assess the quality of your website design.

#1: Feedback from Friends

If you haven’t received any compliment about your website lately, better ask your friends about their honest opinions about it. Perhaps, your web design is really not that good. So, look at their reactions whenever you propose changing things up. Although the feedbacks from your friends can be gentle, learn to read between the lines on what they are trying to say.

#2: Focus Group Feedback

You are a marketer. Whether you are a florist, a lawyer, or an auto repair specialist, you are a marketer as long as you have a business website. You need to embrace marketing and you will always need a focus group in order to become successful. Apart from your friends, it is also advisable to ask your focus group on what they can say about your website

#3: Brand Analysis

Take a look at the first time when your dream web and graphics design have come into reality. How has your website evolved through time? Irrespective of whether your business focus has shifted over the years, it is important that your website clearly reflects your focus at the moment.

#4: Competitive Analysis

This process is not that hard to execute. For instance, if you own a taxi rental service in your area, check out your competitor website within your city first. If your website looks good over the competition, then expand your search. If your website still looks good over the taxi rental websites in your county, then you have a competitive edge. Doing this competitive analysis will also help you know the standards within your niche, and adjust your own standards base from them.

#5: Functionality Analysis

As you might know by now, technology is constantly changing in a rapid pace, and so are the methods of designing and developing a website. Thus, to make sure that your website is functional in today’s online standards, consider executing a functionality analysis. If you need professional help in assessing and updating your website, feel free to turn to agencies that provide professional yet low cost web design in Oklahoma City.

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