5 Misconceptions CEOs Normally Have About Website Development

Do you still remember the last time you hired a web development company in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Probably, you may have gone over the budget, mishandled deadlines, or even blamed everyone for such a rough project. Irrespective of whether it is the fault of your team, there are incorrect notions that even the CEOs of established companies have about web development. Here are some of those:

#1: It Is a Walk in the Park

Normally, clients request for a “simple” 15 to 20-page website complete with online payment, log-in setup, a blog and necessary widgets. Although a website like Craigslist appear simple, the needed development work is complicated and time consuming. What’s more strange is that, the simpler the appearance, the more expensive the site will be. Needless to say, even small requests involve a lot of development work that necessitate days to weeks of programming.

#2: Everybody Should Hop In

In web development, you should only involve the people who will be doing the work. In this manner, all the content strategy, business objectives, brand assets, as well as user flows are effectively streamlined. Never spend too much time on thinking over technical planning, layouts, database architecture, widgets or designs.

#3: Websites are a Cheap Commodity

With the existence of numerous portals that offer templates, as well as the advent of offshore development, a lot of business people have the incorrect notion that web design and development are a cheap commodity. Although capitalizing these templates could work for some companies, this option is not enough for those that eye for long-term brand development. Always consider your website as an investment, and allot enough resources for it.

#4: Once the Website is Live, the Work is Done

Website development is not a one-time process. The moment your website goes live, it will constantly need maintenance. A lot of thriving companies with business websites have dedicated teams that make sure that their websites experience no glitch or issues. You will always need security updates, functionality check, and fresh content from time to time.

#5: You Can Dictate the Design

As the owner, you have a major influence on what your website will look like. However, it is always better if you trust the designing process to a professional web designer. They have the knowledge, experience, and skill sets to convert visitors into paying customers through design. So, before availing web development solutions in Minneapolis, MN, prepare to correct the abovementioned myths in your head to make the process flow smoothly.

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